Usually of short duration, workshops still offer the opportunity to deepen
Increase your practice considerably and concentrate on certain aspects of yoga.
I offer introductory, intermediate and advanced workshops in mindfulness
Meditation, yoga philosophy, anasana and prāṇāyāma. A workshop can also build on this
another (introduction to intermediate to advanced).

In 2019 I started immersions which gave me the opportunity to really
Research specific practices with the students. The format of these immersions is two
Modules of four days, which recorded guided exercises in between. All of the above, they include 100 hours of lessons and practice.

No matter what the main topic, I always include all three aspects to get that
Course and include the practical application as well as the theoretical background. I usually do too include a bhajan / kirtan evening, which I lead with a guitar.

A common format is a weekend workshop with a three-hour session on Friday
Evening, followed by two full days on Saturday and Sunday (depending on the topic)
and participants between six and eight hours per day), but I am fully open to work
all about the needs of the studio and the students.

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