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I have chosen the name Insight Yoga to highlight what in my understanding is the liberating essence of all yoga traditions: gaining insight into our true nature. The yoga traditions are clear that insight inevitably leads to compassion, since what is revealed is the inter-connectedness of all beings.

The insight that can arise through a practice done with a spirit of inquiry is one of the core liberating features in many yoga traditions. Therefore, Insight Yoga highlights this investigative approach in its classes, turning them into interactive explorations, whether in yogāsana, prāṇāyāma, meditation or yoga philosophy.

In a broader sense, my teaching also aims at a deeper Insight into our yoga practice and
how we integrate this practice into our lives. It is very easy to get into a comfort zone and be ruled by old habit patterns, losing the freshness and willingness to constantly challenge oneself. This ongoing sincere and fearless reassessment underlies an authentic yogic existence.

A lot of different forces and influences have affected contemporary yoga, and while it is necessary to integrate yoga into our modern world, there is a danger of losing sight of the essence of this ancient liberation teaching during this process.

It is important to look into our present definitions of, and relationship to, our spiritual practice. Three things that can help us to preserve this authenticity and clarity are:

  • A better understanding of the history and philosophy of the Yoga Traditions
  • Sincere self-inquiry
  • Informed and mindful practice

In my opinion, all of these are a vital part of yoga practice and not a separate intellectual process. There is, in fact, a risk of forgetting two central ingredients of Yoga: clear intention, and clear understanding, without both of which our practice will lack the power to awaken. Through enquiry and clarity, we can move from a ‘blind repetition of a routine’ to a conversant, insightful and therefore truly transformative discipline.

The aim of Insight Yoga is to facilitate mindfulness and to encourage this honest exploration one’s yoga practice and life, both intellectually and practically – and to thus open the hearts of one and all.

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