Welcome to Insight Yoga

Welcome to Insight Yoga

Insight Yoga

Thank you for your interest!

This is the yoga project by Philipp E Lemke, which has been at the start for 12 years and is dedicated to yoga training. I chose this name because insight (“knowledge”), prajñā or jñāna in Sanskrit is the decisive element on the way to the goal of yoga, enlightenment.

Furthermore, Insight is a central concern in Buddhist mindfulness meditation, my main personal practice. There the Sanskrit term vipaśyanā is used (vipassanā in Pāli, the dialect spoken by the Buddha), which literally means “to see clearly”.

My teaching style is often described as “informative, very structured, interactive, innovative and questioning”. My goal is to motivate students to question their own practice, behavior and lifestyle in order to reinforce authenticity, clarity and effectiveness.

I am not a fan of stubbornly following instructions and staying in individual comfort zones. Instead, I want to promote personal development and the ability to critically and constructively illuminate yourself and modern yoga.

It seems to me that three steps are required to achieve this:

a.To create an atmosphere of trust and fun without which learning and exploration is impossible

b.To present the original ethical values, philosophies and exercises of yoga in a practical and scientifically clear manner

c.And then to check whether they can be integrated into our modern life and to make the necessary adjustments without losing the essence of yoga

With this basic intention I teach:

1. Yoga Philosophy & Psychology

2. (Mindfulness) meditation

3. Prāṇāyāma

4. Āsana

5. Bhajan / Kīrtana & Mythology

6. Beginner Sanskrit

I can teach in both German and English and I am used to working with a translator into other languages.

I have been writing material for yoga teacher training for years, so I have extensive teaching material that my students can benefit from.